The Words

15The words of Tea Leaves were written in blunt, but poetic verse. These Machiavellian style maxims have been around for thousands of years, yet they seem buried to most.

Teach your children these virtues and they will prosper; they will have no choice but to… The 50 ideas here are of a somewhat harsh nature, but such is life.

Tea Leaves was written for children, but it may take an adult to interpret. Metaphor, double-meanings, and tricky wordplay make this book difficult for some to absorb. And while portrayed as a "children's" book of virtues, many adults will gain insight from these words as well.

Read this book and gain life’s favor. Give this book, and ensure it to another.

The Art

32With over 100 amazing illustrations, and close to 1,000 hours of drawing time, Victoria Hollins has created a collection that will one day be extremely sought after. The art in this book stands on its own merit, and it stands tall.

Picture an elegant Victorian dress with the entrance wound of an arrow. One moment the reader is swept up in a lavish ball scene, and the next, bloodied in a gutter. A handful of the drawings here are of a somewhat harsh nature, but such is life.

Her drawings are done in detailed black ink, are beautifully piercing, and hold a resonating presence. The imagery is reminiscent of late Renaissance and early colonial America.

Sir John Tenniel’s art in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland inspired the artistic vision.

The Creators

andy Andrew was born in 1984, lives in Tucson, and graduated from the University of Arizona in 2008. He has a degree in Creative Writing, but spends most of his time working on product development. His interests include inventing, occasional writing, golfing, camping, and spending time with the people he loves.

vic colorVictoria was born in 1993, and is currently pursuing a BA in Illustration with a minor in Art History; her emphasis is Oil Painting. She enjoys classic cars, her cat, and most importantly, her art. She's very grateful to her family and friends for supporting her artistic passion.